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Unclerob: Self proclaimed intellectual engineer, likes procrastinating, ranting and always being right, though not necessarily in that order. If its broke, I can fix it. If its not, I can fix it anyway.

Ambee: The Ambee is an experience impossible to express in words alone.

One Smith: Founder of the highly acclaimed smithsmothian museum, and the somewhat less highly acclaimed smithsmothian insurance services, able to fit into boxes of any size, and always talking  A Person masquerading as a cat. <pictures>

Two Jones: Intrepid adventurer, king of the flying piranhas, which he commands with his mobile phone, like tuna and jumping about. <pictures>

Three Chan: Club chick, very delicate with a thing for diamante <pictures>

Four Willow: Techno cat, always helpful, but likes the great outdoors a little too much <pictures>

Battle Bunny Alita: She's a bunny, and she'd have you, and yer mates. Sadly Bunny left us for the big green field in the sky, wherever she is, she rules. The house is very quiet without her, but be careful, she'd still have you and yer mates. <pictures>

Christopher Wilson - fearless and earless, ruthless and toothless, now plundering the high seas in the high heavens <pictures>

Penelope Perkins - rushing rushing rushing - off with wilson speeding up the plundering <pictures>

Oscar Wilberforce - upon my word, RN (rtrd) <pictures>

Elsie Butterworth - she's distinguished and dignified, but when she's cross she stamps her feet and everyone knows she is now stamping around the sky with penny, wilson and littee bunnee  <pictures>


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