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bullet Meridian - no not the dodgy Clive Barker nonsense, just the greatest HI FI on the planet, they are great, they are wonderful, ever since i was 12 years old i've wanted to own a meridian CD player, nearly 20 years on, finally owning one hasn't disappointed.

bullet Berkshire 4x4 - rarest of breeds these days, not only skilful and knowledgeable, but also very friendly, helpful and nice people as well, if you want to play in the mud in trucks, learn a lot about off road driving or have a great birthday/stag night/whatever experience, go see them - they rock


bullet Hayao Miyazaki - the man behind totoro, kiki, laputa, and a host of other wonderful animations. Watch them NOW.

bullet Warp Records - the home of crazy electronica, Autechre, Plaid and Boards of Canada to name but 3

bullet GameFAQ - the man to whom all praise goes, he saves our lives hurrah!

bulletTrevor Brown - always guaranteed to upset people, cool pictures, one day i'll buy an original.

bullet Dualit - TOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bullet The Prisoner - Its Great.

Notice the lack of any geek links at all - if your a geek you should be able to find them yourself ;)

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